It’s called the Lao Mao Key. You know where it’s made.

I have not had a “straight” Key in years. Off and on, I drop onto DX Engineering / HRO websites looking for a straight key. Something new. As most of you know it’s not a product market that changes much. I recently ran across this Chrome Plated fresh design. I hemmed and hawed over whether to buy a Key from China. But then much of what we Americans buy is “Made in China”. I’m glad I did. It’s heavy. Sleek. The hardware is robust. And the mechanical movement is smooth. (That is “smooth” when I achieve proper hand motion!) Laughs. They call it Chelegance — (“elegance” is not a term often used in Ham radio to describe an accessory. )— But I’ll take it. It’s is a sleek visual design. Now I need to practice!!

Available on DX Engineering Chelegance LM-V2 Straight Hand Key, Steel, Double Electroplated Chrome. Price $169