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See that photo. May 6, 2021. The first graduating class of Women from Marine corps boot camp. See the emotion and faces. That’s what serving one’s country is about. They are at a launch point in their lives. They’ve been through 13 weeks like no other and they prevailed. Their posture confident, and they’re eager. All of those messages flow from this image. The vast majority of American men and women do not serve in uniform. It’s a privilege. CBS News Full Story HERE

Order Spec: iMac 24 inch 4.5 K Resolution, total weight 10 lbs. 16gb RAM, 8 Core, Gig—E, 1 Tb SSD, Magic Mouse, Touch ID $2250

The new 2021 M1 chipset iMac went on sale today, Friday, April 30. Like a kid waiting in line (virtually) for concert tickets- I was ready when the Apple web site went live at 9:00am Eastern. I bought my first Apple computer in 1979 and first Mac in 1985. The Macintosh computer, influenced my life professionally, creatively, intellectually and socially. What fun lies ahead this summer 2021!

Dawn Meyerriecks, Deputy Director of CIA for Science and Technology

Tired of listening to poorly educated elderly white men talk about decades old radios and their weather report? Listen to this fascinating podcast from the CIA’s top technologist. LINK