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wa4d MikeStation WIDE FINAL

Antennas: Dipoles, End-Fed wire and Mag Loop


“CW still matters to me!”    Check it out.


WA4D Photo above.  Mojave Desert. SE California


WA4D is in the gym 5 days most weeks.  (2 hours a day)

There’s a big sign on the wall in my gym. It reads, “1 in 3 adults in the USA are ‘Pre-Diabetic’ – are you?”  of that group, 70% will graduate to full on Type-2 diabetes.  If you’re not eating right and exercising….

well, do I really need to finish that sentence?

Most Interesting News Story I am following:

DoD Amazon Microsoft

The Pentagon has put out a $10 billion sole source RFP for a “War Cloud”. It is a fascinating technical, tactical  and money story. (And not without controversy– this is the DoD after all!) It’s even got a cool acronym: JEDI Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure.


The short description is this: The US Military is building a vast AI system that will change the battlefield of the future. (And best I can tell– there is no time to waste) Lots of diverse media reporting on this story.

Even women’s fashion magazine “Elle” is covering it!

The “Swat Team of Nerds” who are leading the Pentagon’s JEDI project


WA4D Post: The increasing irrelevance of Ham Emcomm 


Winter is coming for mankind!

Kurzweil Futurist Quote