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Apple Air-Pod Pro II’s.

Ear bud audio like you’ve never heard before

Kenwood TS-990 Apple Watch Ultra

When Kenwood introduced CW decoding in a firmware upgrade I recall thinking…. “Hey I don’t need the assistance of decoding! I’m a real ham.” Laughs! I learned Morse at age 14. I copy 22-24 wpm in my head. But then I tried it. Total fun. The Decoder allows for input via keyboard or paddle or pre-loaded messages in memory. Sometimes I move seamlessly from the “Clickety-Clack” KeyChron USB keyboard above to my Paddle. In no way does it detract from the satisfaction of the mode. I still copy in my head and glance as needed to the decoder–or catch up with an in-progress QSO. It’s one of the great quiet features of the TS-990.

Why are you not streaming when you’re on the air? Millions of people stream daily. But HamOperators are frozen in the past. There is a new literacy in 2022 — if you cannot produce a compelling message and distribute it globally and rapidly– you are like the majority of Americans. Illiterate. Below a crude high level look at my configuration. It’s not the right way or the only way. It’s just one way. You’ll have way more fun on the air with a 2 camera “live” stream to YouTube or Facebook or Twitch. Just use your laptop cam and a second cam to show us your rig or amp or scope or both in “real-time”. And feed the clean audio (no acoustic coupling please!) to the stream so people hear what they sound like at your location off the air. Download OBS and start simulcasting your On-air as a Live- stream. 8th graders can do this. but the vast majority of Hams cannot. Don’t listen to the hams who live in the past. They don’t matter! Hurry up. There’s no time to waste!