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More than a Microphone. The Yaesu M1 Reference Mic

Yaesu M1-Reference Mic

Yaesu says this mic is for the “discriminating” Ham. Laughs! That means it’s expensive. From their marketing below:

The M-1 Reference Microphone is the ultimate, high-quality, innovative desktop microphone, dedicated to the most discriminating Ham Radio Operators. It features combined Condenser and Dynamic microphone elements.

Ok that aside, it is pretty cool. Dual mic elements. Choose between a Dynamic or Condenser or tie them together in a Dual Mode to achieve the tonal quality you seek. Also easy record and playback of audio segments.

Below: Maybe Yaesu went back to the 1980’s for some mic design ideas. Recall the “Toilet Paper Roll Microphone Baffle” that many used on the Kenwood MC-50? They have a similar concept with the TBC-Treble Boost Cowling. I tested it with and without. And yes there is noticeable frequency response difference using the TBC in place.—-

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