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Random career photos — Scroll Down please.

mew collage
Roof of ABC Headquarters in LA. ( Camera position survey for Michael Jackson’s funeral) June 2009

Looks like about 1982. I can’t remember what the event was! Laughs.

2013: You could sell that iD for $1000 on the day of the Emmy’s! Laughs
2008: Panasonic Pro HD cam with Canon 22:1 Glass. P2!

1979 Andrews AFB The Pope had just arrived.


Summer 1985 — Joe Namath was to be inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame. In early summer we flew up to Connecticut where Namath still has summer Football camp for kids. As I recall we were there 3 days to shoot a “profile piece” on Namath for NBC Sports.  It’s impossible to overstate how much fun it was shooting that story. Namath was sincere,friendly and you would never have known he was still one of the most famous Sports celebrities in the nation. Below: I’ve still got the Sun Visor!


Middle East: Military Transport Depot Dahran, Saudi Arabia. January 1991 (before the ground phase began).


Above: Hollywood– Academy Awards 2009


Some of the dozens and dozens of Press Passes from over the years.


Above: With the US Army Parachute team: The Golden Knights.  


Above:  1979 Cop Killer on the loose.  Murder Scene 14th Street Washington DC 2:00am


Los Angeles Mayoral Debate 2012. Me in the Control Room.


Regional Emmy’s I won for News Photography


Above: I worked at the Oscars for 9 years in a row.  What a blast! Who gets to have this much fun in the last decade of their career?

mew capitol

Above: This is the shot millions of Americans recognized in the years of Washington Coverage pre-1990.  This is the balcony of the Russell Senate Office building. Known as “the Russell balcony”. Reporters have stood at this open window for decades delivering Washington DC coverage.


Above: My first time at the White House.  Jan or Feb of 1980. President Carter was not in the White House compound that day.  


Me and Jessica Savitch. Among the first Women to anchor a Network Evening Newscast.

Los Angeles Lakers NBA Champions 2010 PARADE Crowd. wa4d photo.

Random Career moment:

Bakker Charlotte NewsJimTammyPeople

img_0324Tammy Faye Baker

YEAR:  1989 You have to be of a certain age to recall the PTL Club and the saga of Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker.  I shot the still photos above of Tammy during Jim’s trial in Charlotte, NC.  The setting was just outside her home. Tammy Faye would come out and talk to the press each afternoon.  Though the charges were serious, yet, there was a carnival atmosphere. I was running the NBC Sat Truck for several days.  What was supposed to be Just an 8 hour day turned into 15 hour-days. Today Show/ Affiliate Feeds/ O+O feeds and NBC Nightly News.


A local artist was selling  T-Shirts that depicted  Tammy’s face make-up as if you had literally run into her! I bought one.  It’s been in a plastic bag for 29 years. Never worn. (Took it out just to shoot this image) —Oh!  And Jim Bakker did 5 years–and then he wrote a book!