Acom 2100 Purchased March 2020.

Acom 2100. $2400

$2400 Ask around: “It’s everything they say it is:”

No that’s not a typo. $2400.

4CX1000 (Tetrode). 3500 Volt Xformer.

Legal Limit +

  • WA4D Original Owner.
  • Moderate use
  • Cosmetically Very Clean- Non-Smoking environment
  • This is a TRI amp. (Tuning Resistance Indicator) – Rapid user-friendly tuning method. Appliance operator ready! Laughs
  • Acom manual thoroughly explains process.
  1. Buyer pick up
  2. Unit is packed Ready to go. Transformer is installed. 240 Volt AC Two Original Boxes /one empty
  3. 2 Manuals, Acom Dust Cover and Spare Fuses included.
  4. DX Engineering Acom 2100 NEW Price $5,115. LINK HERE.
  5. Acom 2100 Product Site. LINK HERE
  6. Seller reserves the right Not to Sell for any reason.

Amplifier is packed– original Box and Ready for Pick UP.

Local Pick up only. Charlottesville, Va.

DC area Meet may be Possible.

Pay via PayPal Invoice ONLY.

WA4Dradio AT