I have TWO Acom Amps. I’m not using either one.

Two Minute Read

So recently I had a vision! Why do I need an HF amplifier?– I was re-arranging the shack and I decided… “Man it would reduce a lot of clutter and operational stress to just get rid of my main amplifier”. The Acom 2100! So I wiped it down nice and clean, took sales photos and packed it up neatly ready for sale. But then I couldn’t place the Ad on QRZ. My brain wouldn’t let me.– Still I decided to operate my radios barefoot.

Acom 1010. 120 volt AC amp
The exceptional Acom 2100. It’s under the cover!!

And guess what? It’s fun and more enjoyable than I thought it would be. You might say it offers a bit of an operational challenge as well. And hey! Man, it is far more relaxing. Here’s a few reasons:

  • No worries about which antenna I’m on.
  • No Tuning delays
  • No checking Power and ALC drive Levels.
  • No checking: am I in Stand-by or Operate??
  • With an HF  Transceiver only– Auto Tune, Key up and go!!!
  • Do I care what my Plate Current is? NO
  • My Xformer VoltageNO
  • Screen Current?  NO
  • Reflected Power on the AMP ? No (The Acom 2100 will continue to operate with 300 watts PLUS of Reflected Power )
  •  Oh wait! didn’t change the band selector on the Amp!!!  
  • (Which I”ve done 3 Times in two years. The Acom 2100 has extensive error protection. Key up on 20meters but the Band switch is on 40? No problem The amp will not fire up!!!)
  • Yes, I will be unable to work some stations at the reduced power level. Or worse, with QSB my signal will drift in and out of intelligibility!
  •  Do I care?        

Yes I still have BOTH Amps. No, I haven’t sold. YET. I could change my mind. 

      HF Amps are fun. But I’m moving on.  I like the No amp configuration.  It’s way more Plug n Play.   Will I resurrect one of my amps?  Maybe, but I am surprised by how enjoyable it’s been to operate sans amplifier.