Education matters in a Globalized Knowledge-Worker era

Senior Year 1968

In High School, I attended a military boarding school in Oklahoma.  Known as the “West Point of the South West”, the Oklahoma Military Academy was well run and had a good staff of former military professionals.   I went back for the 50th Anniversary of my 1968  graduation in June of 2018.  That school made me a better soldier when I joined the Army in 1969.

OMA Cadets Memorial

A photo I shot reunion weekend in 2018, 50 years since I was last there. The memorial above honors the Cadets who were Killed during WW II, Korea and the 21 who died in Vietnam.

OMA Diploma



“Hook ’em Horns”

It took me 6 years to get my undergraduate degree from the University of Texas at Austin.  I had the GI Bill, and I worked part-time in FM radio and television and I was in No hurry!! Who wanted to leave Austin in the 70’s?!?

I picked up an FCC 1st Phone Ticket and got an entry-level gig in Austin at KLRN-TV and KLRN FM Radio.

First Phone

I was a “go-fer” on the  PBS Music Show Austin City Limits (which is still on the air!) and most summers I went out and worked Pipeline Construction around the nation. (New Mexico, Oklahoma, Michigan, Alabama, W. Virginia and Texas of course.) As I finally was getting around to graduating I sent my Resume all over the country. I got a job as a VR (Vacation Relief) at NBC Washington. I was made a permanent hire 3 weeks after I started.


In DC there were always lots of cool courses on the various campus sites in the city. NBC paid for coursework that was related to your professional responsibilities. I took at least 10 continuing education classes over the years– from graduate programs in the area. When GE bought NBC– the CEO Jack Welch was a Six Sigma evangelist! So everyone from middle level management up was required to achieve Six Sigma Green Belt certification. It was part of your annual review! And it was mandatory! I moved to ABC on the West Coast in the 2000’s and ITIL certification was mandatory for tech-management there. I’m not much for mathematics– but I actually passed both (Six-Sigma and ITIL). I wish I’d learned them earlier in my career. Life-long continuing education is no longer optional.

After spending 20 years in the field as a Cameraman/Editor/Field producer/Tech Ops TD, I took a Masters Degree at American University in Washington DC and then I moved into management. The AU graduate program was a blast. Most of the students were mid-career professionals from around the city. I could not have had more fun in an academic program. They invited me back to teach in the Film and Video program as adjunct faculty. I taught one semester a year while working in management at NBC Washington. And then in 2003 I took a management position at ABC in Los Angeles.