“Apple’s new mixed headset will be the most talked about gadget of 2022”

Most Ham Radio operators can skip this article. They won’t be interested.

The vast majority of Hams live in the past technically. (Many reject digital culture) and are anti-change, anti-learn and anti-education. They don’t use contemporary methods (Streaming/ Multi-media/ Collabortion environments) to communicate and they dwell happily in their empty analog world.

Apple’s new AR/VR headset (and there are already others) will blow the doors off. This device will be the beginning of the transition of the cell phone from the box we know to something totally different.

Based on multiple reports and leaks, Apple’s mixed reality device has the potential to send shockwaves through the tech industry — and also make the likes of Meta (formerly Facebook with its Oculus headset business) nervous. 

Toms Guide Mark Spoonauer

If you want a peek at the near future.


Apple may be the Only company that can take VR/AR headsets mainstream

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