Another reason the TS-990 is so fun!

The Kenwood TS-990 came out in 2013. The CW Decode feature followed in a Firmware upgrade. Having learned Morse Code in the Boy Scouts, I was too cool to actually use the decoder. Much less a Keyboard! But I’ve come to enjoy it. I often listen to CW as I do other stuff and glance at the decoded text screen occasionally. I grade the Text Decoder a 3 on a 1-5 scale. If a signal is S9 or better and the Sending op has a clean FIST, the Decoder is a 4. The back lit Keychron K2 USB Wired Mechanical Keyboard Mac &Windows Version 2 is a hoot. It makes noise like the old style but the action is smooth. I type 50wpm ish and it’s a pleasure to use. At this time in 2022 I copy. CW at 22-24 WPM at 90% accuracy. My main CW key is the 6lb Vibroplex Iambic Key. Using the Keyboard is fun– but it’s not as organic as using a paddle.