“You may not be interested in War. But war is interested in you.”

Quote above: Leon Trotsky (1879-1940) Born in Ukraine. Trotsky was a Soviet politician, Marxist and a founding leader of the Red Army. His words are apt in 2022

Trying to keep up with the stunning events in the world takes a commitment. Most American Ham Radio operators are poorly read. (This POST is not for them.) This is my current Media consumption profile. It’s an exciting and scary time to be alive! Nukes are not off the table. Read all about it!

War on the Rocks$50 per yearThink tank level Policy Wonks and Warriors.
CSISFreeStarted reading this in College 1973
NY TimesYear 1- Varies. Around $75Among the finest Newspapers in the world
Foreign AffairsYear 1- $40 Digital VersionSmart people talking about the world
Army Times$28 Year 1. $50 2 YearsNot published by DoD. Gannett. In depth reporting
The Atlantic$60 Year 1 Digital onlyWriters that captivate your mind
Defense NewsFreeEverything DoD
Washington Post$40 Year 1The top of American journalism
The Economist95$ Year 1London Based. Brilliant reporting and Online Briefings
South China Morning Post$96 Year 1US-China relations as seen from Hong Kong
Vanity Fair$24 2 yrsFun sassy smart writers.
Foreign Policy$200 yearComprehensive current FP News
PUCK News$50 yearNewsletters- Unique Writers
The GuardianVaries- $100 annualBritish Publication US and International Focus
WIRED$12.50 YearSocial Tech and Society Thinkers
Fast Company$25 YearHip Forbes Magazine