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more than a Microphone = The YaEsu M-1 Reference Mic

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Back in the 80’s the MC-50 mic with Kenwood Rigs was considered about as good as it gets for SSB audio. Word got around that sliding a toilet paper tube over the MC-50 mic altered the frequency response (obviously) and enhanced the tonal quality of the mic. I tried it and never took it off for several years. Yaesu has brought it back! (well– in a more sophisticated method.) As a design feature of the M-1 Reference Mic. They call it “Treble Boost Cowling”!

The M-1 Reference Microphone is the ultimate, high-quality, innovative desktop microphone, dedicated to the most discriminating Ham Radio Operators. It features combined Condenser and Dynamic microphone elements. From Yaesu Product Description —

VendorStatus PriceDate
Ham Radio OutletIn Stock Price with Coupon$559.95July 7, 2021
DX EngineeringIn Stock Price $559.95July 7, 2021
GigapartsOut of Stock at this timeTBDJuly 7, 2021

Ok that aside, the M-1 is more than a stand alone mic.. Dual mic elements. Choose between a Dynamic or Condenser or tie them together in a Dual Mode to achieve the tonal quality you seek. Also easy record and playback of audio segments.

Now some of you will rightly say– “$650 for that thing?” “Really man what’s with you?” “The MC-90 and Heil PR-40 together cost less than the M-1!” “What could you possibly need that pricey Yaesu gadget for?” To that I say, “Buying the M-1 has little to do with logic. And everything to do with fun!” OH! I forgot! “It sounds excellent in multiple EQ and Element settingsThe M-1 is literally a half dozen different sounding microphones!” All Good!

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