Stop using Hand Sling Shots and Bow and Arrows.

Step Up to the “Big SHOT”

Put the Two 4 Foot poles together to make an 8 foot long pole with Sling. It’s powerful and accurate. Practice a few times and you’ll find you can accurately put a line at 100 feet with precision. No I’m not kidding. (That is to say WITH the optional “Trigger”. It’s a must.)


Yes it’s pricey. Can’t afford it? Get your club or buy with a couple of other local hams. Getting Wire high-up in the trees was never so easy.

Complete Package includes:

2 Pole Big SHOT with Trigger

-Arborist throw line kit

-Arborist Throw Bags

-Just use a good Card board box for the ThrowLine Storage Box

Start with the link below.

Big Shot with Trigger. $165. On Amazon