Apple Watch Ultra. Coolest Gadget of the moment.

See it here

I bought my first PC (an APPLE II+) in 1979. I sat there with a book in my lap and taught myself BASIC. I’ve bought many smart devices since. I flipped computers every 2 years for decades only gaining incremental performance. I bought some expensive software packages NOT because I needed them, but because I wanted to learn and experience them. When I went to graduate school, I was the only one in class that took notes on a laptop (the Apple Powerbook 100). I like Gadgets. Some are a complete waste of time. Others can be empowering. I resisted getting a smart Watch until now. Wow! The Apple Watch Ultra is the biggest leap and most useful device I’ve owned since 1979. Someday it’s capabilities will be embedded in a tiny chip in the body. I’ll be gone by then.