This post is NOT for most Hams. AR/VR Headsets.


They’re finally coming out of infancy. Still primitive by what will rapidly evolve , yet very exciting. They’re not for gamers. These devices will have a huge impact on commerce, education, industry, sports training and . . .

MagicLeap has introduced the Model above, Meta their new Quest Pro Below.

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Most Hams that I know are Anti-Technology and anti-modernity. They will dismiss these new devices. No matter– those who reject this coming tech tsunami are irrelevant. They will do so at their peril.

I’m holding out until early 2023 for Apple’s new Mixed Reality headset. Some industry observers believe Apple’s entry will be a seachange.

The Pentagon and Microsoft have signed a $22 billion Contract for Mixed Reality Headsets. Like all DoD contracts, it’s had it’s problems but they’ll get it sorted out.

The Army’s experience with these early devices is instructive. It’s going to take a few years to shake this technology out. I talked to a Surgeon in the neighborhood on a Dog walk recently about AR/VR glasses. He said ” 10 years from now the idea of doing modern medicine open body surgery without AI and AR support will be considered barbaric. I’ll be dead by then. But I want a taste of it now.