Acom 2100 Purchased March 2020.

Acom 2100. Price $3200

$3200 Ask around: “It’s everything they say it is:”

4CX1000 (Tetrode). 3500 Volt Xformer.

Legal Limit +

  • WA4D Original Owner.
  • Moderate use
  • Cosmetically Very Clean- Non-Smoking environment
  • This is a TRI amp. (Tuning Resistance Indicator) – Rapid user-friendly tuning method. Appliance operator ready! Laughs
  • Acom manual thoroughly explains process.
  1. Buyer pick up
  2. Unit is packed Ready to go. Transformer is installed. 240 Volt AC Two Original Boxes /one empty
  3. 2 Manuals, Acom Dust Cover and Spare Fuses included.
  4. DX Engineering Acom 2100 NEW Price $5,115. LINK HERE.
  5. Acom 2100 Product Site. LINK HERE
  6. Seller reserves the right Not to Sell for any reason.