Yaesu M1 -Reference Mic. Sold!! Scroll Down Please

Price: $350 rock bottom. plus shipping. (New Price: $659)

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Minor cosmetic dings (See Photos below)

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Old timers (like me) will remember the Toilet Paper Baffle many of us adapted to our MC-50 Kenwood Mics. When you slid the Toilet paper tube over the mic slots, it changed the frequency response of the mic in a pleasing way to many. I kept mine on for several years.

Yaesu brought it back (albeit in a more sophisticated design!) in the innovative Yaesu M-1. The tube is now called TBC or “Treble Boost Cowling” You can use it or remove it based on your preferences.

Duel Elements. Your Choice! Dynamic/Condenser or BOTH!

The M-1 is a ton of fun. Record and immediate playback to air the audio sample of the station you are working. Select different Mic elements. And build your own EQ settings or just use “flat” (Thru). It’s literally a Mic that you create how you want to sound.

I much enjoyed this mic, I may have used it for 40 hours total. But it’s best use is with a Yaesu radio. (obviously). I bought it in anticipation of buying a 101. Yes there are some Dings on the base. I haven’t used the mic in a year and it’s been in a box. I was going to use hobby shop crafts paint for cosmetic repair– but I’ll leave that to the buyer. These blemishes are minor. Yet to some it could be a deal breaker. I get that. Price is fixed.

Mic was used in a non-smoking environment.

European power adaptors not included.

Full Manual PDF Download Here