Get off the Radio! What are you reading??

Cixin Liu is said to be the Chinese Isaac Asimov. A riveting, exciting smart book. “Mind-blowing” is not an exaggeration! Part 1 of 3. The producers of Game of Thrones are doing the Netflix series.


Retired CIA Spy called back to duty. Get’s on a plane to Moscow. Author Robert Dugoni is the Robert Ludlum of the 2020’s.


I first read British historian Anthony Beevor’s Stalingrad in 2014. It took years to fade away. American combat deaths in all of WWII were minor when compared to Russian losses in this single, seven month long slaughter fest. Stalin, Chuikov, Zhukov, Rossokovsky and Vasilevsky on the Russian side. Hitler, Paulus, Manstein and Hoth on the German side. They were all there. Arguably the most consequential military figures of the 20th century. (Some historians would add General Võ Nguyên Giáp of Vietnam to that list) A gripping, powerful account (not without controversy)of this Eastern front Epic. The Russians brought in fresh troops from Siberia for the final push in January of 1943. Mostly farm boys from the steppe. They were ferried across the Volga river at night to their final destination. The besieged hell-scape of what was left of the City of Stalingrad. Stalin assigned one of his most trusted NKVD Political officers to ensure the spinal fortitude of Russian military units. His name was Nikita Khrushchev . As the young conscripts stood in line to board the boats to cross the ice laden Volga, their fear was palpable. Khrushchev ordered anyone falling out of line was to be summarily shot by patrolling NKVD officers. On the spot. No calling them back. No discussion. War at its cruelest. This practice was widespread in the Russian army during WWII. I revisited this book in Audible form. Man, what a profound story to hear.