Still the best entry-level HF xcvr around! $674

I lived in Pasadena, Ca in the 2000’s. I bought a Honda Silverwing scooter to ride the 9 freeway miles to work daily. The Silverwing had a muscular 50Hp engine and it would knock you back in the seat off the line.— I went to the HRO store in Burbank just after Xmas in 2008– and they were selling the FT-450 for $636. I snapped it up– and lashed it to the seat of my scooter for the ride home. That little radio is a solid rig with many features. Yaesu upgraded the rig to the FT-450D. It’s still (2019) in production. For sale at DX Engineering for $674. In my opinion the 450D is best in class.