Random Notes


Kenwood and Yaesu introduced new HF transceivers with completely different architectures. Kenwood managed to build a fresh new HF-radio– with some distinct features yet without diminishing the 5-year-old big brother– the TS-990S.

TS890S Front
Yaesu ft101D photo

Kenwood’s TS-890 . is a full- down conversion receiver (No FPGA-SDR). The spec sheet lists an H-Mode Mixer , which some say will place the radio at the top of the Sherwood Engineering list.  As an appliance operator– I’ll take their word for it. Price is $3800 (Gigparts December/2018)

Yaesu’s FTDX-101D is a full-on SDR. The price point undetermined at this time.

Icom 7610

Both of these new rigs appear targeted against the Icom 7610.

There are already on-line user groups set up. I joined just to follow the doings as these radios finally ship and we get to hear real-world feedback.

FTDX-101D Group Here                                   TS-890 Group HERE

They both look like fun Mid-Range HF Rigs.


Elon Musk is a business magnate, investor, and engineer.

Arguably one of the most interesting and creative men of the Digital Era. A genius from South Africa who had a tumultuous upbringing and fled to the United States. Entrepreneur and innovator behind SpaceX, Tesla, and SolarCity,  he sold one of his internet companies, PayPal, for $1.5 billion.  — From his “Boring Company” to his $500 Flame Thrower to his  Giga Battery Factory in Nevada he continues to innovate. Elon Musk is not a “One-Hit’ wonder.


Recently, at the end of a 2 hour and 37-minute interview, Musk  smoked some Pot  at the invitation of his  PodCast Host.  Wall Street went wobbly, Tesla stock dropped, Jim Cramer of CNBC went into a tizzy and High Times suggested Musk could lose his Government security clearance. — No matter. Keep your eye on the ball. 2 hours and 37 minutes is a L–O–N–G time.  But it is substantive and stimulating. — Way better than listening to elderly men on 40 meters talking about the weather.  Oh! And  Neil DeGrasse Tyson compared Musk to Thomas Edison.  He defended Musk’s Pot Smoking in USA Today, saying, “Let him get high!”

Curious?  You should be!  The full fascinating interview here:   Joe Rogan Experience #1169