“And so it goes…..Lloyd Dobyns​ NBC news

We sold our home and having another one built.  Life is too busy at present— the WA4D.Radio site will return to life in Sept/Oct 2018.


Random Career Photo: Roof of the ABC Corporate Headquarters building. I was there on a site survey. The famous Hollywood Cemetary ‘Forrest Lawn’ is across the 134 highway from the ABC building.  Michael Jackson was buried there 4 days later.



Any of you remember Lloyd Dobyns of NBC News? Well Click HERE for a 2minute Video of him doing the NBC News  Update. I was fortunate to work near him a few times early in my career. He always signed off the news with, “And so it goes...” He is 82 years old now. He was an important, principled journalist. I wonder what he thinks of the state of NBC News now. ( Brian Williams phony war coverage claims,  Matt Lauer about sexual harassment and the spineless executives now running NBC News who spiked the Harvey Weinstein story.)   I loved working in the news business.  I never saw a story intentionally altered with unsourced information. I saw plenty of editorial arguments– but never what is described as “fake news”. The kid that broke the Weinstein story in the New Yorker would have liked Dobyns.